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Special offer for graduates

Nuori nainen hymyilee kuvassa.

Special offer for graduates

As a recent graduate you can enjoy all of our benefits and services for a reduced fee until the end of the year following your graduation.

Did you finish your studies recently and are you already employed?
We have a special offer just for you!

Our membership fee offer is meant for recent graduates, who are currently employed. Membership in Pro gives you access to amazing benefits and services for both working and private life.

As a member, you receive a free travel and leisure-time accident insurance personalised career coaching and, most importantly, the support of your local shop steward and our experts should you  have any problems at work. 

You can use the offer by filling in a membership application form and selecting "I will make use of the diamond-level membership offer for recent graduates".

Working life experts at your disposal
Membership in Unemployment Fund Pro: gain access to earnings-related unemployment security
Pay only 0.8 % of your salaried income (max. 49 €) until the end of the year following your graduation

Use the offer within 6 months from your graduation 

You pay only 0.8 percent of your salaried income (no more than 49 EUR per month) until the end of the year following you graduation. The offer is valid for all recent graduates who have joined Trade Union Pro within a 6-month period following their graduation. 

The offer is valid until 31 December 2024 and enters into force from the date the membership form is filled onwards. The offer cannot be used retrospectively and after it has expired, the standard membership fee rate is applied. We may ask you for a copy of your degree certificate. Simultaneously you become a full member of Trade Union Pro.