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Join Pro as a student member

Kaksi opiskelijaa selätt vastakkain.

Join Pro as a student member

Joining Pro already while studying pays off: Student membership is free of charge and you have full access to all of our benefits.

Why to join Pro?

As a student member of a trade union you have access to valuable information on how the collective agreements regulating your own professional field are formed and applied.  No matter whether it concerns working while studying, getting a summer job or finding a traineeship, Trade Union Pro's experts can help you. We assist you both during your employment and when it ends. 

Who can join Pro?

All degree students are welcome to join Pro irrespective of their field of study. We know the terms and conditions of numerous different fields can help you already while studying  to reach your dream job. 

Also self-employed entrepreneurs, or students aiming to become one, are welcome to join Pro. We provide thorough and personalised support also when starting and running your own company.

As a student member you belong to Trade Union Pro's student association

Membership benefits for students
Mies ja nainen juristin tai lakimiehen puheilla
Legal counselling in work and private matters

As a member of Trade Union Pro you have access to free legal counselling provided by our lawyers who are specialized in labour law. 

In addition, if you need legal counselling on  matters related to your private life, you can consult our partner's lawyers for free.


Career services for students

As a member you get concrete advice from your personal career coach. Coaching helps you to succeed in your career,  show your skills and prepare for unexpected changes. Once you know your strengths, convincing others about them is also easier. 


Kaksi asiantuntijaa keskustelee
Expert support for students

Our experts and lawyers are at your disposal. They provide support, negotiate agreements and, at the last instance,  defend you in court in work-related matters.  Our legal aid does not cost anything to you and carries no risks. 

Aikuinen nainen, sateenvarjo, vakuutukset
Leisure-time insurances for students

When you join Pro, you get free travel and leisure-time accident insurance. For students doing their traineeship abroad, the insurance is valid for 90 days from the start of the trip. 

Iloinen, hyvinvoiva nainen
Welfare services for students

Our career coaches are specialized in increasing your welfare and keeping up your motivation. In addition to personalised coaching, we organize workshops and group coachings on many interesting topics.

Sinisellä taustalla matkalaukku, loma ja matkailu
Check also our other benefits!

Pro members receive discounts from holiday destinations, cruises and gas stations. In addition you can participate in our live trainings and webinars for free.

When you work or are in paid traineeship
Unemployment security for students

You have the right to earnings-related unemployment security if you have met the  working condition of at least 26 calendar weeks of membership and employment before your unemployment. As a student you can accrue the working condition already before your graduation by paid traineeship, summer jobs or if you work while studying.

Unemployment fund membership fee for students

In practice you pay the membership fee only if you work while you study or if you are in a paid traineeship. The membership fee of the unemployment fund is fully tax-deductible. 

Please find more information on Unemployment Fund Pro's website.

Become a student member by filling in this online form.

Kerrytät työttömyysturvaasi
Vuonna 2021 maksat 7,5 € / kk niiltä kuukausilta, kun olet töissä tai palkallisessa harjoittelussa
As a Pro member you are better off
Become a student member!

All degree students are welcome to join Pro irrespective of their field of study. We know the terms and conditions of numerous different fields can help you already while studying  to reach your dream job. 

99 e/v
Special offer for new members under the age of 36
99 e/v

We take care of your rights and help you succeed in your career. You now get the Trade union and unemployment fund membership for 99e/year if you join during the year 2023. The membership fee is paid by yourself. It cannot be added to the employer's collection. The benefit applies to new members under the age of 36. As a member of Pro, you will receive earnings related unemployment benefits. The union membership also ensures that you can feel safe - in good times and bad.