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Every Pro member is covered by leisure travel and accident insurance. Passenger insurance also covers children and grandchildren under the age of 20 travelling with you. The insurance is valid anywhere in the world. For other insurance policies, you can get substantial discounts.
Smile, you're safe!
Travel and leisure accident insurance everywhere

As a Pro member, you automatically get free travel and leisure accident insurance valid anywhere in the world. Passenger insurance covers your children and grandchildren under the age of 20 travelling with you. For students, travel insurance is even extended for work placements.

Please note that luggage is not covered by travel insurance.

Valid worldwide
Covers your children and grandchildren under the age of 20 travelling with you
Extended validity for students for work placements
Sateenvarjon alla kaksi lasta, mies taustalla.
Also covered
Sateenvarjon alla kaksi lasta, mies taustalla.

In addition to travel and accident insurance, you get substantial discounts on other important insurance.

Pro has also insured its members with professional liability insurance and organisational insurance. In addition, membership insurance includes supplementary insurance for active members.

Life insurance - save hundreds

Life insurance protects your loved ones from financial worries should the worst happen to you. Life insurance covers death from both illness and accident. As a Pro member, you can buy life insurance for yourself or your partner as a separate policy or, even more conveniently for you, as a joint policy for two. For a joint cover, it is sufficient for one of the insured to be a member.  For example, a 30-year-old Pro member and his or her partner of the same age,
€100,000 life insurance for two as a joint cover, for a total of €11.10/month for the two of you.

Know the difference between accident insurance and life insurance

Get life insurance at a permanently low member price - proles who have already taken advantage of this benefit save an average of around €410 a year.  Take advantage of the membership benefit and extend your family's insurance cover!

Read more about why I need life insurance

You can calculate the price of your life insurance policy easily using the calculator below or at The calculator allows you to easily compare the price differences between individual and couple coverage.

Test whether you need life insurance

Accident insurance - even for the whole family

Insurance benefits for the whole family. You and your spouse can tailor a comprehensive and affordable accident insurance policy to suit your needs.

You can also take out an accident insurance package for your children at a really low price - for less than €4 per month. The insurance is valid anywhere in the world, with no excess and covers, for example, competitive sports up to the age of 18.

The insurance is provided by our partner Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company, whose customer and claims service is provided by If P&C Insurance, Finland branch.

Pro is a trade union whose members are safe
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You can join us whatever your education, title or type of employment.

Your membership fee also includes income-related unemployment benefit.

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As a member of Pro, our experts can help you in the workplace, in negotiations and in court. You can also get help with legal issues related to leisure or setting up a business. We'll help you get ahead in your career. Comprehensive insurance and support during unemployment are also available when you need it.  

Turvallisuus, kiipeäminen, työttömyysturva
We can help if you are unemployed

Anyone can find themselves unemployed from time to time. As a Pro member, you belong to the Pro's Unemployment Fund and receive income-related unemployment benefit if you meet the conditions. Unemployment Fund Pro has one of the fastest processing times in Finland. So if you find yourself unemployed, you're covered.

Mies ja nainen juristin tai lakimiehen puheilla
You might also be interested in legal advice

You and your whole family can also get free telephone advice on legal issues relating to your private life or your self-employment. Of course, we've got your workplace covered too, with our experts and lawyers making sure your working conditions are fair and in line with your contracts.