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Employer to employer

Aikuinen mies, puhelin

Employer to employer

The employer and the Pro member agree on the collection of membership fees in writing using a collection agreement form.

At the beginning of December each year, Pro notifies the employer of the amount of the membership fee for the calendar year. The employer's collection service number is 09 1727 3390 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

If your information needs to be corrected, you can send corrections by e-mail to: [email protected] or by contacting us using the form.

Collection, accounting and statements of membership fees


Collection of membership fees

The employer collects the membership fee every payroll period and pays it into the bank account of the Trade Union Pro by the due date.

  • FI76 1521 3000 1039 47
  • FI58 5780 0710 0208 48
  • FI38 8000 1601 5016 05
Schedule of settlements

Member-by-member statements of contributions paid with company-specific references are submitted to the Association on a monthly or quarterly basis by the 15th day of the month following the period to be settled.


The statement shall indicate
  • Trade Union Pro code 022
  • name of employer
  • employer's account number (employer's business ID without hyphen or other account number)
  • member's personal identification number and name
  • the amount and period for which the trade union contribution was levied.

At the end of the employment relationship, a notice of termination of collection is completed.


How to submit the declaration to the union

As a TYVI file

  • TYVI, the information flow between businesses and public authorities, works via a web browser. It is provided by the operators Aditro, Posti, CGI and Futunio.
  • Pro has an agreement with the above-mentioned operators for the electronic transmission of trade union membership fee data in accordance with the TYVI model. TYVI = data flows between enterprises and public authorities.
  • For more information on the transmission of electronic data, please contact your TYVI operator.
  • Statements can also be submitted using Futunion's free Statements+ service ( To use this service, you need to register with your company's business ID and your own e-mail address, after which you can send the information via a secure connection. Registration is free of charge and does not constitute any obligation.

 By e-mail

  • The file must be an ASCII or ANSI text file created by the payroll administration.
  • The content of the file must follow the standard data description.
  • The Union will not accept files sent in spreadsheet or word processing format.
  • YAP system: when the employer also reports in file format the contributions of other trade unions to the YAP system, the file can be accompanied by the Pro settlement information under 022. The YAP transmits the information to all unions, including Pro.

On the paper list

The delivery address is the Trade Union Pro, Employer Registration, PL 183, 00581 Helsinki.

Member-specific references

  • The member-specific references include information on the employer collecting the membership fee, the member and the pay period, so no separate statement is required.
  • Member-specific references are suitable for the collection of contributions from 1 to 5 persons. Each member's contribution is paid each month on the basis of his/her own reference.

Pro sends the information on the trade union contribution to the tax authorities

  • We send our members' membership fee information to the tax authorities by 31 January so that it can be included in the tax proposals sent to members.
  • The information on membership fees sent to the tax authorities is based on the member-specific statements received from employers by 15 January.
Rahoitus, talous, palkanlaskenta, raha ja talous
Instructions for the statement of contributions
Rahoitus, talous, palkanlaskenta, raha ja talous

Please use the correct reference when remitting dues to Pro.

Always use the reference for the month to which the salary relates when you bill your membership fees, regardless of when the salary is paid. The reference is important to correctly allocate statements based on the date the salary was earned.

If the salary is paid more than once a month (same pay period/month), use the same reference for all statements of contributions.

When salary payments are interrupted or terminated

Membership contributions are not due during periods such as family leave, study or unpaid sick leave. To qualify for a contribution waiver, the employee must register the interruption with the Union's Register of Members.

When a member's dues cease to be deducted, he or she must inform his or her employer, as we at Pro cannot do this on the member's behalf. The notification must include the member's name and the date from which the member's dues payment to Pro will cease.

If the business ceases

Notify the union if your business is closing or changing ownership. This will inform us of the new employer/owner and we will no longer expect dues statements from the old employer.

Business merger

If a merger involves several members, the collection of membership fees can be agreed without renewing the collection agreements. Often the terms of employment are agreed to remain unchanged, and this can also be used for the collection. The union will be informed of the members affected by the change. The notification/group authorisation must include; the names of the members, their personal ID numbers, the name, address and social security number of the former and new employer and the contact person of the company (payroll administration).



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