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Guide to working life

Guide to working life

Do you have questions about working life? Check our guide for answers.
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Collective agreements

A collective agreement is an agreement between a trade union and an employers’ association on minimum working conditions.


Both sides, the employer and the employee, have rights and obligations during and after the employment relationship


Cooperation is a procedure between an employer and employee that addresses issues related to employee’s rights and obligations.

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Collective bargaining 2021-2022
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Starting from the autumn 2021 we will negotiate new collective agreements for our members. Our aims are higher pay, more equal working life and for better support for the  well-being of employees. We also want to improve the conditions for local agreements.

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Falling ill

If you fall ill or have an accident, you are entitled to sick leave. Inform the employer of your absence without delay. The length of your employment relationship and the duration of your incapacity for work affect your pay during the sick leave.
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The salaries of experts and managers are based on the salary system defined in collective agreements and are agreed upon in the employment contract before the commencement of work. The salary system consists of an assessment of the complexity of the work as well as a personal pay component and possible workplace-specific items. The collective agreement also defines other bonuses related to working hours and overtime, for example. The pay can be monthly or hourly. The employer must comply with the pay provisions of the collective agreement that binds the employer.
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Overtime requires always your employer’s order and your consent. You cannot consent to work overtime on a permanent basis, for example, when concluding an employment contract, as it is always required for each individual case. As an exception, you may give your consent to a specific short period at a time if it is necessary for the organisation of work. Although overtime is provided for in the Working Hours Act, you should check matters related to overtime compensation in your collective agreement.