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Collective bargaining 2022-2023

Collective bargaining 2022-2023

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Fair terms guarantee sustainable future

Keeping up with the constantly changing working life may seem impossible at times. Luckily you do not have to do this alone. Together we can build a working life that meets your demands. A working life that pays attention to your well-being, rights and compensates the work that you do.

Together we are more. Together we are Pro.

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What are our aims?

We are negotiating for higher pay, more equal working life and for better support for the   wellbeing of employees. We also want to improve the conditions for local agreements.

Our aims are based on our membership surveys.

A pay rise that improves purchasing power and secures the earnings growth for all Trade Union Pro members.

Improving equality and non-discrimination in all fields represented by Trade Union Pro.

Improving the conditions for local agreements in all fields represented by Trade Union Pro

More flexible work that takes care of employees' needs.

Collective agreement brings you more
These are the fields whose terms we negotiate during the autumn and spring.

Not all terms of work are based on law, instead they are negotiated by trade unions into collective agreements. The agreements differ based on the field of work.  

Energy, forestry and paper

Energy industry, cardboard and paper manufacturing, mechanical forest industry, paper and carpentry industry

Chemical industry, food industry, laboratories and dental laboratories

Salaried employees working in chemical industry, food industry, dental laboratories and private laboratories.

Consumer goods

Textile and fashion industry, glass-ceramic industry, rubber industry, shoe and leather industry, goldsmith industry and brush industry

Media, communications and ICT

ICT and communication industry, Digita, Yle, MTV, Posti group

Finance, insurance, services and games

Finance industry and finance administration, credit information industry, insurance sector, Danske Bank, Finnvera, Silta, Veikkaus

Construction, real estate and property management

Building material industry, construction industry, real estate and building services, Kojamo

Harbours, aviation and cars

Automotive industry, aviation, stevedoring,  Airpro, Finnair and Tallink Silja

Technology industry and planning and consultancy

Technology industry, planning and consultancy

State, universities and state-owned companies

State administration, universities, certain state-owned companies

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Future work is Pro

We in Trade Union Pro want that our members earn and live well. Our main mission is to improve the possibilities for our members to find employment and develop themselves.

Guide to working life
What on earth is a collective agreement?

A collective agreement is an agreement between a trade union and an employers’ association on minimum working conditions in the sector. The collective agreement, negotiated by trade union and employers’ association, defines the minimum terms and conditions of employment for employees in the sector. These include matters such as minimum pay, working hours and fringe benefits. When a union has a sufficient number of members, it can negotiate fair terms, such as pay, for all.


Union membership pays off
Why join a trade union?

A trade union is a safety net for employees. It safeguards your rights and helps you to succeed in your career. Union membership includes also earnings-related unemployment security, which provides higher allowances than basic unemployment security, should you become unemployed.

More employees working in a given field join the union, the more bargaining power the union has for instance in collective agreement negotiations and more strictly must also the employers follow the agreements.


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Become a Pro member
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We provide security to your working life, help you to develop your career and support your well-being at work. 

In addition to safety and support at work, as a Trade Union Pro member you get also an extensive selection of other benefits and services, ranging from well-being services to travel discounts. You are also entitled to free legal consultancy in matters concerning your private life or entrepreneurial activities.

Pro's membership fee is 1.25 per cent of your taxable income in 2023. The maximum amount is 49 EUR per  month. The fee includes membership in Unemployment Fund Pro.