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Working abroad

The working conditions of a seconded employee and an employee who goes to work abroad on their own initiative are different. Before working abroad, it is good to find out from the tax office of the home municipality the tax treatment of the destination country and to ensure the maintenance of unemployment insurance.

The employee complies with the regulations of the country of employment

When a person goes abroad to work on his own initiative, he is a job applicant. The working conditions are then usually determined based on the regulations of the country of employment. However, the working conditions can be agreed differently. The employment contract may also have essential affiliations to a country other than the country of employment, in which case the regulations of the affiliation country will apply.

If the employer and employee have not separately agreed, the employee is not entitled to, for example, daily allowance, free trips home or accommodation. A person applying for a job in the EU/EEA area will immediately be covered by the social security of the place of work. Outside the EU/EEA area, the situation varies.