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Update your information

Has your field of work, employer or workplace changed? Do you need bank reference numbers for paying the membership fee? Would you like to change your association?

You can update your membership information by filling in a suitable online form. Using the forms is secure. Changes of address are notified to us directly by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency unless a block is in force.

Change of contact information, workplace or association

Use the adjacent online form to notify us about changes in your contact information.  Changes of address are notified to us directly by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency unless a block is in force. 

If you have changed your job, notify us about the change and remember also to fill in the membership fee collection agreement in order to keep you fee payments up to date. You can agree with your employer to have the fee deducted directly from your pay or you can pay it yourself.  Keeping the payments up-to-date ensures continuous access to your benefits and services,

If your workplace changes or you move to a new place, you might need to change your association. Notify us about the change by using the adjacent form. You can choose the association suitable for you. If you do not know, which association to choose,  just type "union can choose" on the form. 

If you need any assistance, please contact your shop steward or local Pro expert. 

Digital and Population Data Services Agency will not notify us about your contact information if you move outside Finland. Please notify us about it by using the adjacent form. 

Please remember also to confirm your right to unemployment security by contacting the Unemployment Fund Pro well in advance of your move.    

If you work:

  • Outside EU/EEC countries by your own initiative. Contact the fund for more information on whether you have right to unemployment allowance after your period of working outside Finland end and whether you should keep your membership in Finnish unemployment fund during the period of work. 
  • In an EU/EEC country by your own initiative. You  are covered by the social security system of the country you have relocated into. When you return back to Finland, remember to join a union and an unemployment fund. You may have a 4-week employment requirement before having a right to daily unemployment allowance. 
  • Outside Finland sent by your employer. You belong to the Finnish social security. Continue paying the membership fee normally during your period abroad.
  • In Sweden or in Denmark. Insure yourself in Sweden or Denmark by joining a local union/unemployment fund. 

Unemployment, layoff or employment-related matter

Register as a job seeker

Register as an unemployed jobseeker using E-Services of the TE Office on the first day of your unemployment or lay-off at the latest. Earnings-related daily allowance can only be paid, and a waiting period applied for periods during which your job search is active.

Submit your initial application and attachments to the unemployment fund

Apply for earnings-related daily allowance from the unemployment fund. You can submit your initial application for earnings-related daily allowance and attachments to the unemployment fund after two weeks of unemployment or lay-off. The most convenient way to submit your application and attachments is via Unemployment Fund Pro’s electronic services.  You can also fill in a paper application and send it by post with attachments if it is not possible for you to use the electronic services. Please note that earnings-related daily allowance cannot be applied for in advance. However, you must apply for the allowance within 3 months of the date from which you want the allowance to be paid.

Submit a follow-up application

If you are fully unemployed, submit your next application, i.e. a follow-up application, for either four calendar weeks (Monday to Sunday) or a full calendar month as soon as the period has ended. Submit the application even if the unemployment fund has not yet issued a decision on your initial application to avoid expiry of your application. Earnings-related daily allowance is always applied for retrospectively, but it is never paid for a period of more than 3 months prior. Your application must reach the unemployment fund within 3 months of the first date for which you are applying for earnings-related daily allowance.  The easiest way to submit your follow-up application is via Unemployment Fund Pro’s electronic services.


Please contact first the shop steward of your own workplace. 

You can also get a direct answer to most of your questions by calling our employment counselling service at 09 1727 3442 (Mon-Fri 8.30 to 15.00).  In more complex or confidential matters, you can also consult our contract field experts. 

Membership fee, payment references and membership card

If you want to pay the membership fee yourself, you can order payment reference by clicking the adjacent link. 

The easiest way to pay the membership fee is to agree with your employer that it is collected directly from your salary. Fill in the fee collection agreement and submit it to your payroll administrator. After the form has been signed, send the form to Pro’s member services and we will send you payroll administration necessary information for collecting the membership fee.

You have the right to be exempted from paying the membership fee if you have no taxable earned income or the right to benefits paid by the unemployment fund.

Let us know of the exemption by filling in the adjacent online form.

If you have lost your card or your card has damaged, you can order a new card by using the adjacent online form. Your new card will be sent to you by mail within approximately two weeks.

We will not send automatically a new card if your name or association changes.

Becoming a member

You are welcome to join Trade Union Pro if you work in the private or public sector. Pro membership includes also earnings-related unemployment security. There is no age limit for membership. However, you have to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for unemployment security.

You are welcome to join Trade Union Pro also during an unpaid family leave, provided that you still are employed. However, you can join the unemployment fund only after you have returned back to work. Become a member by filling in the adjacent online form. 

It makes sense to join Pro already while studying: student membership does not cost you anything and you get the same benefits as other members. 

Become a student member by filling in the adjacent online form. 

Termination of membership

Your membership in the union and in your local association ends when you are permanently retired. Retirement also affects your membership benefits - for instance, your member insurances will no longer be in force. 

If you have granted a full and permanent pension, you can no longer use the services provided by the unemployment fund. In this case we recommend terminating your membership in the unemployment fund. 

Please notify us about your retirement by using the adjacent online form. We will not get the information otherwise. 

We are sorry that you want to leave us. 

You can terminate your membership by using the adjacent online form. In order to ensure continuous access to your unemployment security, please pay your membership fees until the desired termination date of your membership. 

In order to cancel the fee collection, please contact your employer since we at Trade Union Pro cannot do this on your behalf. 

Please remember that you are warmly welcome to join us again.

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