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Our Partners

Our Partners

At Pro, we promote a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable, equal and equal society. Find out more about our partners.
Perhe suunnistaa yhdessä.
Trade Union Pro supports child patients and their families

We support child patients with serious illnesses and their families through the Association of Supporters of the Cancer Clinic, Syöpäklinikan Tukijat ry:n. Through we4you, we have supported seriously ill children and their parents. Through Team Rynkeby, we support the Aamusäätiö, Aamu Foundation's children's cancer research and the Sylva Foundation.

HelsinkiMission logo

Our members come up with ways to reduce loneliness in working life and for every good idea we donate €100 to HelsinkiMissio.

Irti Huumeista -logo
Irti Huumeista ry 

We want to highlight the problems caused by drug use and share support and information.

That's why we work together with Irti Huumeista ry

Mestaruusliigan logo

We are a partner of the Volleyball Champions League, Lentopallon Mestaruusliiga because we want to support Finnish teams and sport. 

Mieli ry
Mieli ry

The well-being of the mind is important to us. In 2023, we will organise four coaching sessions with Mieli ry for our members.

Naisten Linjan logo
Naisten Linja 

With Women's Line, Naisten Linja, we want to provide tools to help people who have experienced violence and support the work of those recovering from violence. 

Helsinki Pride

We promote the rights of gender and sexual minorities in the workplace. That is why we are a community partner of Helsinki Pride

Raide ry
Raide ry

We want to support and promote the well-being of young people. Raide ry is a nationwide association for preventive substance abuse work among young people.

Setan logo
Seta ry

Together we can achieve a better and safer tomorrow, where everyone can be themselves - both at work and in their free time.

Sodankylän elokuvajuhlat 

Together with the Midnight Sun Film Festival – Sodankylän Elokuvajuhlat, we share a common vision of community and the growth of young people in the world of work. 

SASK logo
Finnish Trade Union Solidarity Centre SASK

We support workers' rights internationally through the development cooperation organisation SASK.



Ukrainan lipun värit rauhan symbolissa
Ukrainian trade union movement

A free civil society and an independent trade union movement play an important role in protecting the integrity of society and people's livelihood.