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Mastering the rules of working life with the Working Life Licence and the Amis Driving Licence

The rules of the workplace, not to mention collective bargaining, are unfamiliar to many people entering the workplace. However, they are an important part of everyday working life, and knowledge of them is necessary for those entering the world of work.

The working life driving licence is 5 credits in length and is completed entirely online. The course is aimed at polytechnic students.

The workplace driving licence is a multi-purpose online learning material to support the work of secondary school teachers and guidance counsellors.

Both the Work Driving Licence and the Amis Driving Licence are free of charge. The course is implemented through the portal and is available in all semesters of the year.

The driving licence consists of three parts:

In this module, participants plan their own career path.

During the module he/she will:

  • Identify their own interests, strengths and skills
  • Prepares to present his/her own competences
  • Identify the labour market situation and skills needs in his/her field
  • Build his/her own career plan

In this module, the participant prepares for the job search and the presentation of their skills.

During the module they will learn:

  • Search effectively for jobs in their field
  • Apply for a job with a personal profile and present their skills and competences
  • How to prepare for a job interview

During this module, participants will learn about their rights and responsibilities as employees.

On completion of this module, you will:

  • Know what they are committing to in an employment contract and what to check in it
  • Know how to act as a member of a work community
  • Can act in the workplace in accordance with his/her rights and obligations