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STTK Kuva: Liisa Valonen
Published 29.11.2022
Antti Palola, President of STTK, was elected to the Executive Bureau of the International Trade Union Confederation ITUC. He is the only member from the Nordic Countries on it.
Published 07.09.2022
Forestry giant UPM adamantly refuses to engage in collective bargaining with their salaried employees. Since the beginning of this year, they have not had any collective agreement whatsoever.
Ihminen ojentaa käden toiselle avuksi
Published 28.02.2022
The trade union Pro will donate 120,000 euros to support the Ukrainians. Donations are distributed through four different aid organizations. Pro is also challenging other trade unions and employers ’organizations to donate support to Ukraine.
women and computer
Published 20.01.2022
If your employer does not deduct a membership fee directly from your pay, you will need a reference number to pay the fee. Self-paying members will receive a reference number for the membership fee by email in January,
Ran Lavie
Published 21.12.2021
Insurance company If’s Ran Lavie says organisations mirror society at large, and the industry needs fresh takes and diversity.
Kuva: Shutterstock
Published 23.11.2021
The amount of unpaid overtime done in a year could employ 20,000 people full-time.
Kuvassa allekirjoitetaan sopimusta.
Published 01.11.2021
Salaried employees of Stora Enso have a new company-specific collective agreement, which will enter into force from 1 January 2022 until 30 April 2024. The agreement includes a general salary increase as well as an additional increase, which is to be agreed locally. The agreement will also extend the period of full pay for employees on a maternity or paternity leave.
Neuvottelijat istuvat neuvottelupöydän äärellä.
Published 22.10.2021
Negotiations over new collective agreement in technology start on Monday 25 October.
ihmisiä pöydän ääressä
Published 13.10.2021
Finland needs labour migration. Labour market rules must be strengthened and employee protection developed to ensure that all employees are treated equally.
Kuvassa Nick Walters
Published 03.06.2021
Questions which may seem harmless in a job interview, can actually break your rights as a jobseeker.
Published 20.04.2021
Stora Enso's decision to shut down Veitsiluoto paper mill is a hammer blow to the region's employment, says Trade Union Pro President Jorma Malinen.
Suomalainen metsä. Puut pinossa.
Published 15.04.2021
UPM’s labour relation policy has reached rock bottom and there is no accountability in it, says Trade Union Pro president Jorma Malinen.
Kuva: Shutterstock
Published 29.03.2021
One should remember that industrial peace can only be achieved through collective bargaining, says Pro’s President Jorma Malinen.
Published 18.03.2021
Nearly 40 representatives of UPM’s salaried employees feel that the employer has let them down
Henkilöstöedustajat takarivissä Petri Lehtinen, Sami Ryynänen, Risto Kalliojärvi, Heikki Harju, Harri Järvelin sekä eturivissä Timo Roivas, Kimmo Aho,  Annika Rintamäki, Jussi Pasala, Pirjo Saikkonen ja Pirkko Takkinen. Kuvasta puuttui Marko Mathlin.
Published 20.11.2020
The staff representatives who participated in the statutory cooperation negotiations of Neste consider the negotiations held in the company to be problematic, even ostensible, considering the magnitude of the change. There is a risk of losing indispensable expertise, production availability and safety.
Trade Union Pro and Union of Insurance Employees
Published 13.10.2020
The Union of Insurance Employees in Finland VvL and Trade Union Pro will merge in the beginning of 2021. The merger will strengthen the sectoral bargaining power and improve membership services.  
Smiling people
Published 21.09.2020
ProWeeks are here! ProWeeks is Trade Union Pro’s member recruitment event, which takes place from 21 September until 11 October 2020. During ProWeeks Pro offers various discounts and virtual events to its members – not to mention an opportunity for new members to join Pro for reduced fee! Offers are valid only during the campaign period.
Kuva: Shutterstock
Published 08.09.2020
Hundred members comprising Pro’s new representative body were elected for the period of 2020–2024. The names of deputy members will be published by Wednesday 9 September 2020. 
Kuva: Shutterstock
Published 10.08.2020
It is time to elect members to our body of representatives, which consists of 100 Pro members with ultimate decision-making power. Use your right to vote and your chance to make a difference by choosing who represents you. 
Published 14.04.2020
The coronavirus has raised concerns among workplace employees, experts and supervisors. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. 
Ammattiliitto Pron koronavirusohjeistus
Published 08.04.2020
Finnish Trade Union Confederations and Employers’ Associations have agreed to propose certain amendments on labour legislation due to the Coronavirus and Covid-19.  The proposal includes remarkable changes for the employees and for the companies for a fixed period. Trade Union Pro’s experts will serve you also during the crisis.
Published 05.03.2020
Trade Union Pro has made new progress in collective bargaining, being able to close some deals and move forward in other negotiations. The employers are finally ready to negotiate and strike a deal with Pro, after a long period of reluctance to do so.
Published 24.02.2020
On 19 February, Trade Union Pro accepted a dispute settlement as the new collective agreement for clerical workers in the paper industry for the period 19 February 2020–31 December 2021. Salaries will increase 3.3 per cent during the period, and the arrangement for unpaid working hours under the competitiveness pact will be discontinued. The three-week work stoppage of paper industry clerical employees and the support strike by port managers have come to an end.
Published 14.02.2020
Negotiations on a collective agreement for clerical employees in the paper industry are deadlocked. The employer’s side is offering a significantly poorer contractual solution for paper industry employees than Paperiliitto, the union representing the workers, will accept.
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