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Mutsi Change management program

Do you want to become a change management professional or are you looking for new ideas for implementing changes in the workplace? Get to know Mutsi.

Does it worry you how the people at your workplace cope with the constant turmoil of changes? And how to get people excited about the change? No problem - Mutsi will help with all of that.
Tour leader on a journey of change
Whether you are an experienced change traveler or a first-timer, welcome to this change management course.
Succeeded in the journey of change
In this course, you will learn about the stages of the change process and how you support your organization's employees.
In the turmoil of change, minds matter
In this course, you will learn to understand what kind of psychological processes and emotions can be associated with changes.
Mutsi tarkoitettu erityisesti tueksi muutosten suunnittelijoille:

What kind of a change leader are you?

Are you a Tell and Trade leader or is there a Specify and Study type living inside of you? Or are you perhaps a Holding down the fort person? 

Mutsi-verkkokoulutuksen tekijät tuulettivat kilpailun jälkeen.

Gold! - Mutsi won two series in the EU digital services competition

The acclaimed change management training Mutsi is also successful globally. It won gold in the competition for EU digital services. Mutsi won the competition's main prize, i.e. the innovation of the year series and also the corporate responsibility series.

Versatile support for workplaces

Mutsi online training supports the implementation of changes in workplaces. It significantly facilitates the work of change planners. 

Mutsi's versatile elements can be easily distributed to the entire team and thus inspire everyone to join the change. With the help of Mutsi, you can also evaluate your own readiness for change.

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