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Trade Union Pro serves your best interests and protects your rights at work. We help you to solve problems you may face in working life and assist in developing your own career path.  As a member, you have access to exclusive services and benefits, ranging from legal counselling to career coaching and more.


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Our Finland is open
Published 01.09.2023
The trade unions Pro, Industrial, OAJ, JHL and PAM defend the indivisibility of human dignity and express their serious concerns about the government's programme of restrictions on labour immigration. These restrictions make it more difficult to attract international talent to Finland and place workers in an unequal position on the basis of their nationality and background. These entries are not changed by the government's equality notice. 
Sankaluurit ovat pöydällä.
Published 30.08.2023
Due to staff training, the telephone helplines for member services and employer records will be closed on Thursday 31 August.
The telephone helplines as well for employment relations and official records will be closed on Thursday 31 August and Friday 1 September.
Suomalaisliitot saivat tunnustuspalkinnon.
Published 29.08.2023
UNI Global Union trade union affiliates in Finland have won a Breaking Through Award for building membership and defending collective bargaining in the face of unprecedented attacks on trade union rights in the country.

Membership benefits
Kaksi asiantuntijaa keskustelee
Support at work

If you encounter any problems at work, your local shop steward or occupational safety delegate can support you. Both of them can be found at your own workplace.

Also our experts and lawyers provide advice, negotiate agreements and at the very last instance defend you in court. Our legal aid is free of charge and carries no risks for you.

Mies ja nainen juristin tai lakimiehen puheilla
Legal counselling

Our specialists and lawyers ensure that the terms of your work are fair and give advise, negotiate agreements, settle disputes and, at the last instance, defend you in court. As a member you also have access to free legal counselling by phone on private matters.

Kiipeäminen, työttömyysturva
Unemployment security

Even the most talented expert or a supervisor can become unemployed. As a Pro member, you  receive earnings-related unemployment benefits when the relevant conditions are met.

When looking for a new job, we will also provide you with personal coaching, videos and webinars, which help you towards success.