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Union that looks like you

We are a collective force in working life

Trade Union Pro is the union for educated professionals, experts and managers

Ihmisiä suojateillä.

Just a piece of paper – working life is improved one collective agreement at a time

We have many services, but only one main product: we negotiate the working conditions and salary level of Finnish experts and supervisors.  It's basically just a piece of white paper. A paper that culminates what we do best: negotiation skills, reforming working life and making futures come true. A paper that affects the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of Finns.

This piece of white paper is, of course, a collective agreement, or tessi. At times reached quickly, sometimes after an all-nighter. Always together. Always for the whole group.

Benefits and services
Pron asiantuntija ja juristit auttavat jäseniä.

Support at work

If you encounter any problems at work, your local shop steward or occupational safety delegate can support you. Both of them can be found at your own workplace.

Also our experts and lawyers provide advice, negotiate agreements and at the very last instance defend you in court. Our legal aid is free of charge and carries no risks for you.

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Voit maksaa jäsenmaksun kätevästi eLaskulla tai Proplussan kautta.

Legal counselling

Our specialists and lawyers ensure that the terms of your work are fair and give advise, negotiate agreements, settle disputes and, at the last instance, defend you in court. As a member you also have access to free legal counselling by phone on private matters.

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Pron asiantuntijat auttavat jäseniä.

Unemployment security

Even the most talented expert or a supervisor can become unemployed. As a Pro member, you  receive earnings-related unemployment benefits when the relevant conditions are met.

When looking for a new job, we will also provide you with personal coaching, videos and webinars, which help you towards success.

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Luottamusmiehemme tukevat sinua työpaikalla, ja tarjoamme turvaa myös työelämän muutostilanteisiin.

Why join Pro?

We focus our entire collective strength to guarantee the best working conditions and salary development for our members. We offer versatile training, top legal service and numerous benefits for work and leisure. Our shop stewards support you in the workplace, and we also offer security for surprising situations in working life.

Joining is easy online

To become a member of Pro, fill in the online membership form. The membership includes earnings-related unemployment insurance and all the services of the union. 

Our members work in almost every sector of society: finance, industry, laboratories, aviation, construction, business services, ICT, communications, government and universities. 

120 000
One of the largest unions in Finland – 120 000 members
We negotiate 150 collective agreements
1,25 %
Membership fee (max. 49 euro per month) of your salary including the earnings-related unemployment benefit