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Benefits and services for working life and leisure

As a member of Trade Union Pro, you have access to Pro's membership benefits, including career guidance, legal counselling, settling disputes with your employer as well as travel insurance and discounts for various holiday services.
Iloinen matkailija hotellihuoneessa

Planning a career move or going on holiday?

Looking for Levi or a career coach? On this page you can find all Pro member benefits.

Experts by your side

If you encounter any problems at work, your local shop steward or occupational safety delegate can support you. Both of them can be found at your own workplace. Also our experts and lawyers will help you. They provide advice, negotiate agreements and at the very last instance defend you in court. Our legal aid is free of charge and carries no risks for you.

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Legal advice

Trade Union Pro defends the rights and interests of its members. Our specialists and lawyers ensure that the terms of your work are fair and follow what has been officially agreed. They also give advise, negotiate agreements, settle disputes and, at the last instance, defend you in court. For our members, our legal aid does not cost anything and carries no personal risks. As a member of Pro, you also get free legal counselling by phone on private matters.

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We'll help if you are umemployed

Even the most talented expert or a supervisor can become unemployed. As a Pro member, you belong to Unemployment Fund Pro* and receive earnings-related unemployment benefits when the relevant conditions are met. When looking for a new job, we will also help you with personal training, videos, or webinars, just the way that suits you.

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Career development

As a member of Trade Union Pro, you have your own personal career coach who can give you concrete tips and advice. Coaching helps you to build your career, display your skills and prepare for unexpected changes. In addition, you have access to numerous videos and webinars, which help you to navigate the Finnish job market as well as discover your hidden potential. Pro's membership also grants you free travel and non-occupational accident insurance and numerous other benefits.

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Leading a balanced life

We want you to be happy and well and lead a balanced life. Therefore, as a member, you can talk to a mental or physical well-being specialist free of charge. There are also videos, webinars and a social media community where you can get information, tips and inspiration.

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Be safe

The passenger and leisure accident insurance included in the membership, valid all over the world, also covers your children and grandchildren who are traveling with you under the age of 20. There are also considerable discounts on other insurances.

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Holidays and accommodations

As a Pro member, you can book holidays at an affordable discount price in both hotel and holiday apartment accommodation. Destinations can be found in Finland, Sweden and Spain, from Saariselka to Calahonda.

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For your free time

As a member, you can also enjoy changing leisure benefits. There are benefits for every departure, for example wellness, restaurants and experiences.

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