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News, statements, webinars and other current affairs

News, statements, webinars and other current affairs

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Jorma Malinen
Published 31.01.2024
The Finnish government plans to weaken working conditions. To defend the rights of its members, Trade Union Pro has announced political industrial action in various sectors and companies. 
Hallitusohjelman heikennykset työelämään
Published 01.11.2023
When implemented, the government program will have a radical and long-lasting effect on the ground rules of working life.
Hallitusohjelman vaikutukset
Published 01.11.2023
We took a look at how the government program concretely weakens the livelihood and rights of employees in different phases in their careers. See how the cuts will affect you.
Published 23.10.2023
Trade Union Pro is organising a political demonstration on Friday 27th October 2023 in the ICT and insurance sectors. In total, around 18, 000 people are employed in these sectors.
Kohtuus kaikessa
Published 17.10.2023
The labour market reforms proposed by the Government are unreasonable towards employees.
Our Finland is open
Published 01.09.2023
The trade unions Pro, Industrial, OAJ, JHL and PAM defend the indivisibility of human dignity and express their serious concerns about the government's programme of restrictions on labour immigration. These restrictions make it more difficult to attract international talent to Finland and place workers in an unequal position on the basis of their nationality and background. These entries are not changed by the government's equality notice. 
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