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The government plans to weaken the position of workers 

Jorma Malinen
Jorma Malinen
The Finnish government plans to weaken working conditions. To defend the rights of its members, Trade Union Pro has announced political industrial action in various sectors and companies. 

The Finnish government intends to change the conditions of employment, including weakening protection against dismissal, restricting the right to strike, making it easier to conclude fixed-term contracts, abolishing the adult education allowance and the alternating leave, and making the first day of sick leave unpaid.   

The government also plans to significantly reduce the level of income-related unemployment benefits. The government's programme is unbalanced: the cuts will hit workers while no demands are made for employers.   

This raises widespread concerns among our members, a message we have taken to the Orpo government on numerous occasions since the publication of the government programme, without success. After repeated refusals by the government to listen and genuinely negotiate, the Pro board was forced to take the decision to continue and expand its organisational efforts to ensure that our members' voices are heard in the decision-making process that affects them. We continue to hope that a negotiating relationship between the government and the social partners can be found and that we can continue to develop working life through dialogue, as has been the widely respected Finnish practice for decades.  

Political walkouts announced by Pro in 2024   

In order to defend the rights of its members, Trade Union Pro has announced political industrial action. These strikes will be notified directly to the members concerned. Members covered by the strike have the right to take part in a political strike and may not be subjected to pressure by their employer.   

On this page, we have compiled up-to-date information in Finnish on the demonstrations and answers to frequently asked questions.If you have any questions about union action, please contact your shop steward or the union.   

STOP now! demonstration 1.2.2024 

 Central organisations STTK and SAK are organising a demonstration against the government's changes to working life on Thursday 1 February at 12.00 in Helsinki's Senaatintori. 

Trade Union Pro has made an organisational decision that Pro members have the right to participate in the political demonstration. The decision also includes travel time to the Senate Square.     

The decision does not apply to sectors where there is an unconditional obligation for industrial peace or to workers covered by company collective agreements:   

  • State officials and employees   
  • Salaried employees and technical salaried workers in communications   

In these sectors, the demonstration can only take place during free time or lunch breaks.   

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