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How to pay your membership fee yourself

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How to pay your membership fee yourself

If your employer does not charge your membership fee directly from your salary, you can pay your membership fee conveniently by e-invoice or through Proplus. To pay, you need a reference number and information about the amount to be paid. You can easily calculate the amount using the membership fee calculator.

We recommend paying your membership fee by e-invoice. You can also pay via Proplus.

Members under 36 years of age who join after 1.1.2023 pay the annual membership fee of EUR 99 themselves. It cannot be included in your employer's contribution.
Easily manage your membership fee with eInvoice

Make your life easier and pay your membership fees conveniently with eAccount in your online bank.   When you sign up for e-invoicing, you will automatically receive an invoice in your online bank after the 25th of each month.

If your salary changes

If your salary changes, go to your online bank to change the amount.  If you have unpaid months, remove the eInvoice you received from your online bank and report the unpaid period to the member service using this form.

Take advantage of the alert

In most online banks, you can subscribe to an alert for incoming eInvoices by SMS or email. This will ensure that your invoices are not forgotten in your online bank.

Log in to your online bank.
Search the eInvoice sender list of the Trade Union Pro.
Enter your unique identifier, which is your personal ID number.
Pron mobiilisovelluksesta löydät edut, uutiset ja koulutukset
You can pay your membership fee in Proplus
Pron mobiilisovelluksesta löydät edut, uutiset ja koulutukset

You can also pay your membership fee at Proplus. Log in to the Proplus service on our website and click on "My membership details". Scroll down the page and you will find the "Membership Fee Calculator" section. Enter your gross salary, i.e. your salary before tax, and select the period from the calendar for which you wish to pay your membership fee. Then go to pay your membership fee.

If you are paying several months' membership fees at once, remember to enter the total gross salary for the months to be paid in the salary data field and select the corresponding period from the calendar. The calculator will then tell you the correct amount.

Payment of membership fees in the mobile app will be temporarily disabled from 30 December. We will inform you as soon as it is possible to pay your membership fee in the mobile app again.

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When can I get a membership fee waiver?
Kuvassa on kysymysmerkki sinisen pallon sisällä.

You do not have to pay membership fees if you do not have a salary.
You are entitled to a membership fee waiver if

- you are on sick leave (unpaid time)
- you are on maternity, paternity or parental leave (unpaid leave)
- you are on adoption or childcare leave
- you are doing military service, civilian service or voluntary military service for women
- you are studying full-time (unpaid)
- you are unemployed (you receive Kela labour market subsidy)
- you have another reason under the Unemployment Insurance Act