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Well-being and health

Iloinen, hyvinvoiva nainen

Well-being and health

We want you to feel well, have a balanced life and be happy. That's why, as a member, you can talk to our wellbeing experts free of charge. We also offer videos, webinars and a social community where you can get information, tips and inspiration, perhaps a spark for a new and better you.
Webinaari, online-luento
Watch videos and webinars

We offer a huge range of videos and webinars for you to use when you want. Get information, tips and inspiration, perhaps a spark for a new and better you. Our video and webinar library is available 24/7 as a member.

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Onnellinen ja rentoutunut mies
Make a plan for wellbeing

As a member, you can contact a holistic wellbeing specialist free of charge. Topics may include managing stress and work, reducing your workload, maintaining your enthusiasm or age discrimination.

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Puhelin kädessä, Facebook tai sovellus auki
Network and share experiences

Do you want to feel better at work and in everyday life? Are you wondering what makes a successful teamwork and operation? Are you eager to learn and curious about new things? What do your emotions want to communicate to you?

The Pro Noste Facebook group shares experiences and wellness and health tips.

Ihmisen kädet, meditaatio
Changing wellness benefits
Ihmisen kädet, meditaatio

We are constantly negotiating new wellness benefits and discounts for our members all over Finland. Would a massage or wellness holiday refresh you?

Iloinen matkailija hotellihuoneessa
Wellbeing on holiday
Iloinen matkailija hotellihuoneessa

As a Pro member, you can book holidays at a great price in both hotel and holiday home accommodation. Cruise discounts of up to 50% of the daily price, depending on the season, cruise line and itinerary!

42-vuotias Janne puhuu videopuhelua
Now I feel better!
Janne, 42 years old, decided to contact a nutritionist through Pro when she felt exhausted from the morning. In addition to nutritional advice, Janne was also inspired to ask a psychologist for tips on how to cope.
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As a member of Pro, our experts can help you in the workplace, in negotiations and in court. You can also get help with legal issues related to leisure or setting up a business. We'll help you get ahead in your career. Comprehensive insurance and support during unemployment are also available when you need it.

Ihmiset videopuhelussa
You might also be interested in career development

As a member, you get confidential and concrete advice from a personal career coach. Coaching will help you succeed in your career, showcase your skills and prepare you for unexpected changes. When you recognise your skills, it's easier to convince others of them.

Aikuinen nainen, sateenvarjo, vakuutukset
You might also be interested in membership insurance

Your travel and leisure accident insurance, included in your membership, is valid worldwide and covers your children and grandchildren under the age of 20 who travel with you. You can get substantial discounts on other insurance policies.