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Join Pro as a student member

Join Pro as a student member

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All the benefits of being a Pro member free of charge for students

It pays to join Pro while you're still a student: student membership is free and you get the same benefits as other members.

Pro is also an association for students
It's right for you.

Pro is open to all degree students, whatever their field of study. We know the conditions of employment in a wide range of fields and can help you find the job of your dreams while you are still a student.

We also welcome self-employed people or students who want to become self-employed. We can also provide you with expert, personal help in setting up and running your business.

When you join Pro, you also join the Pro Student Association. You must be at least 16 years old to join.

Student membership benefits when you focus on your studies
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Legal help for students at work and on holiday

As a Pro member, your working life is protected by free and risk-free legal advice, from our lawyers specialising in employment law.

If you need to settle a dispute with a neighbour, an inheritance or who pays for damp damage, you can ask a lawyer at the law firm about these issues free of charge.

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Student career services

As a member, you'll get concrete advice from a personal career coach. With coaching, you'll be able to succeed in your career, showcase your skills and be prepared for unexpected changes. When you recognise your skills, it's easier to convince others of them.

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Our experts to support you

In addition to your shop stewards, you'll have access to Pro's experts and lawyers. They will advise and negotiate, draw up contracts and ultimately defend you, even in court. For you, legal assistance is free and risk-free.

Leisure insurance for students

When you join Pro, you get free travel and leisure accident insurance. For students, the insurance is valid for up to 90 days from the start of the trip during a work placement abroad as part of a study programme.

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Student welfare services

Personal trainers also specialise in improving well-being and maintaining motivation. In addition to personal coaching, workshops and group coaching are available on a wide range of interesting topics.

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Plus a wide range of other Pro membership benefits!

As a Pro member, you also get discounts on holidays, cruises and other variable leisure benefits. You can also attend our interesting live training sessions and webinars for free.

When you're working or on a paid traineeship
Unemployment fund and unemployment insurance for students

As a student, you can build up your earnings-related unemployment insurance before you graduate by doing a paid internship, summer job or working alongside your studies. You must be 18 years old to collect unemployment benefit.

In practice, you only pay a contribution if you are working while studying or in a paid traineeship. The membership fee is fully tax-deductible.

You can join the unemployment fund by filling in your employment details here.

Membership of the unemployment fund is open to people who are studying for gainful employment, subject to the Unemployment Insurance Act and the Unemployment Fund Act. Read more on the Unemployment Fund Pro website.

Collect your unemployment benefit
In 2024, you will pay €7,5/month for the months you are working or in paid training
99 e/v
Job security for €99
99 e/v

People under 36 join Pro from 1.1.2024 for €99/year.

The fee includes the unemployment fund and all Pro services.