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Joining Pro is easy and you can do it online!

Aikuinen mies, puhelin, sovellus, sininen tausta

Joining Pro is easy and you can do it online!

You can join Trade Union Pro by filling in an online form. Membership in Pro includes earnings-related unemployment security and when joining Pro, you also join Unemployment Fund Pro. We are a union for professionals, experts, and managers. You are welcome to join us irrespective of your educational background, job title or contract.

Choose a  membership suitable for you 

Please fill in a membership application. If you have any questions, our member service is happy to help you. 

Nainen istuu koneen ääressä sohvalla ja juo kahvia.
Membership begins by filling in the application form

You can choose the start date for your membership the earliest date being today. 

Kaksi opiskelijaa selätt vastakkain.
Student membership is free of charge

Are you in paid traineeship or do you work while studying? If you want to accrue earnings-related unemployment security, you can also join the unemployment fund. 

Marianne “Marri” Hartio
Are you a recent graduate?

Take up on our special offer and enjoy your membership benefits and services for reduced fee until the end of your graduation year and for the whole following year.

Frequently asked questions about Pro membership

You can join Trade Union Pro if you are employed and receiving a salary. If you are at the moment unemployed or laid off, you are welcome to join us immediately after you have gotten a new job or your lay-off has ended and you are back at work. There is no minimum age requirement. However, unemployment security is entitled to those 18 years old or older.

The membership fee of Trade Union Pro is 1.25 percent of your earned gross income and maximum of 49 EUR per month. The fee includes the membership fee of Unemployment Fund Pro. 

  • Pro negotiates a large number of collective agreements, which guarantee fair terms and conditions of work.
  • Pro helps you if you encounter problems at your work.  Help is available already at your own workplace – just contact your local shop steward!
  • As a member of Trade Union Pro you are eligible for earnings-related unemployment allowance, which is higher than normal allowance.
  • Pro offers training, tailored career coaching and other support to drive your career forward and to hone your skills.
  • As a member of Pro you also get various other benefits, such as free travel insurance and legal counselling in private matters.  

First, fill in our online membership form (see the adjacent link).  If you need help in filling in the membership form, our shop stewards are happy to help you. Alternatively, you can always contact us.  

When you become Pro member, you also join one of Pro’s associations. You can choose your association in the membership form. You can also leave the section blank and let us choose your association based on your employer or place of residence

Aikuinen nainen hymyilee, sininen tausta
How do you change union?
Aikuinen nainen hymyilee, sininen tausta

Would you like to join Pro but you already belong to another union? With your permission, we can notify your current union about your resignation. All you need to do is fill in our membership form. When filling in the form, please mention the name of your previous union and unemployment fund as well as the desired termination date for your membership in the union.

If you do not give us permission to take care of the termination of your membership, please remember to notify your union or unemployment fund about your resignation. In order not to interrupt the requirements of earnings-related unemployment benefit,  it is advisable to switch from the previous union to the new one within one month from the termination of your membership.



Did you resign from YTK before the end of the year? In this case you should ask them to reimburse you for the membership fees for the remainder of the year.

Did you join Pro from another unemployment fund, which collects an annual membership fee? If they are not reimbursing your membership fee, please contact our member services and we will reimburse you the unemployment fund fee for the remainder of the year.

Your reimbursement will cover the period from the month following your membership in Pro until the end of the year.

More information

The easiest way to pay the membership fee is to agree with your employer that it is collected directly from your salary. Fill in the fee collection agreement and submit it to your payroll administrator. After the form has been signed, send the form to Pro’s member services and we will send you payroll administration necessary information for collecting the membership fee.

If you want to pay the membership fee yourself, you can order payment reference by clicking the adjacent link. 

Are you wondering how to proceed?

As a member you have the support of our experts. 

Contact us, we are happy to help you! 

Join us today!

Access all benefits and services.

Membership includes earnings-related unemployment security.