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Wellbeing at work card training improves wellbeing at work

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Wellbeing at work card training improves wellbeing at work

The Wellbeing at Work Card is the Trade Union Pros' response to improving wellbeing at work and extending careers. The day-long training inspires and guides work communities to develop their workplace through a collective effort. The course day consists of three parts and a final presentation. Our trainers are trained by TTK and we use TTK training materials.

The course day consists of three parts and a final presentation.

What does well-being at work consist of?

  • Development, roles and responsibilities
  • Legal basis
  • Productivity and well-being at work

Managing well-being at work

  • Management and well-being at work
  • Managing oneself
  • Skills and competences
  • Promoting work performance

A well-functioning work community

  • Cooperation and good working behaviour
  • Incidents and procedures in the event of incidents
  • Developing an atmosphere and workplace skills

Well-being card training is suitable for all staff. In particular, the training will provide the necessary information and support for the development of well-being at work, especially for front-line workers, health and safety representatives and shop stewards.

Well-being card training lasts seven hours and can be divided into two parts. To obtain a Wellbeing at Work Card, you must attend the whole training and complete a refresher at the end of the training day.

The only costs charged for the Wellbeing at Work card training are the cost of the materials and the card, which is €22 per person. The price includes the trainer's time and travel, the preliminary assignment, the training material, the recap and the Well-being at Work card.


Nainen istuu koneen ääressä.
Online or face-to-face training
Nainen istuu koneen ääressä.

The training is delivered online or face-to-face by Pro trainers. Online training is a 2 x 3.5 h interactive webinar. The content of both types of training is the same, so the subscriber can choose the one that suits him best.

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For more information about the training, please contact Tanja Lehtoranta, Pro's Senior Advisor on Work Environment and Equality Affairs.

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