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Trainings for working life

Learn new things in Pro's member trainings. Our own member training offer varies every year - every year you get to familiarize yourself with current working life skills, also themes related to well-being are constantly included. Take advantage of the opportunities and improve your own work management, your interpersonal skills or your contribution to recovery. Get to know our versatile training offer and sign up. The trainings are free of charge for our members
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Even the best solo achievements are the result of training together - let the collective spur you on

With the help of training, you stay up-to-date on current working life trends and strengthen your own skills in the labor market. Concrete lessons also help you cope better in everyday life.  

The trainings are mainly implemented as webinars and on web-based platforms, which enables you to participate flexibly, even from the comfort of your home.  

Other member trainings

Pro Noste offers Pro members tips and solutions for work, career, job search and well-being. Through the Pro Noste career portal, you can get access to a personal career coach from whom you can get advice at different stages of your career. There you will also find an extensive video library and much more useful to support your own career development. Through Pro Noste, you can also participate in many interesting webinars or watch them afterwards as recordings.

The AY Degree focuses on changes in working life, the role of trade unions, the rules of the game for work conditions, advocacy, well-being, community spirit and association activities. In the degree, you work in groups and do a joint final project with the group.

The AY degree also offers up-to-date information on working life trends, operating methods and group dynamics. You get the chance to get to know other pro people. After the AY degree, you can complete the AY Advanced degree, which are carried out every other year.  

You can study with the support of the Open University studies carried out through the Helsinki adult education center/ Aktiivi Institute. They are suitable for everyone, regardless of age and basic education.

The studies are suitable for maintaining professional skills, starting a new career, for those interested in different disciplines, and for those looking for the joy of learning and insights. The studies are designed in such a way that it is possible to complete them alongside work as multi-format or online studies

Mutsi tarkoitettu erityisesti tueksi muutosten suunnittelijoille:

Do you need help with change management?

Let Mutsi help Pro's award-winning Mutsi online training supports the implementation of changes in workplaces. It is intended to support change planners: management and supervisors.

There are elements in Mutsi that you can share with your entire team, regardless of your job description, and thus inspire and encourage them to join the change. You can also assess your own readiness for change in the team. We want to offer Mutsi to every Finnish workplace. And the best thing: Mutsi online training is free.