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Collective agreement negotiations start in technology industry

Negotiations over new collective agreement in technology start on Monday 25 October.

Trade Union Pro and Technology Industry Employers of Finland will start their negotiations concerning the collective agreement of salaried employees in technology industry on Monday 25 October. A sufficient number of companies have joined the new employer organisation, which will make it possible to have  a generally binding collective agreement for salaried employees also in the future.

The negotiations between Trade Union Pro and the new employer organisation will start on forthcoming Monday. The negotiations will have a tight schedule since the current collective agreement expires at the end of November 2021.

- We are in a bit of hurry, but Trade Union Pro is strongly committed to come to an agreement with Technology Industry Employers of Finland before the agreement currently in force expires, says Trade Union Pro’s President Jorma Malinen.

Trade Union Pro and Technology Industry Employers of Finland will also examine on Monday the organisation of employers in planning and consultancy industry into a new employer’s organisation and whether the organisation meets the necessary requirements for collective agreement negotiations.