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Trade Union Pro: Stora Enso has to take responsibility for its workers

Stora Enso's decision to shut down Veitsiluoto paper mill is a hammer blow to the region's employment, says Trade Union Pro President Jorma Malinen.

Finnish paper and forest products manufacturer Stora Enso has announced today that it plans to permanently shut down its Veitsiluoto pulp and paper mill. The mill employs 675 employees.

– Shutting the mill down is be a hammer blow for the employment in Southwest Lapland, says Trade Union Pro’s President Jorma Malinen.

According to Stora Enso, the closure is necessary because the pandemic has resulted in a permanent decline in demand for paper. Malinen thinks it is unfortunate that the company was unable to convert the mill for manufacturing other compensatory products.

– The company has to support the education and re-employment of the staff by all possible means it has, Malinen says.

Stora Enso paid approximately 236 million euros of dividends to its shareholders from last year.

Veitsiluoto mill employs approximately hundred members of Trade Union Pro. Pro’s shop stewards and experts will provide support for the union members.

– We want to be present wherever our help is needed, Malinen says.